They looked

We screamed and cackled and howled with laughter over a stupid joke about licorice jellybeans being as black as our souls. We made such a racket in the candy aisle of the little “nice neighborhood” grocery store that the cashier yelled to us to ask if everything was ok. We chuckled off a reply about getting your little dog too, and people just looked. Nobody else laughed. I know we weren’t the only people in the store to remember the Wicked Witch of the West.

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More LGC press

It’s exciting to be getting attention. Some good thoughts in this one, I think.

This is the Mercury News, although the same article appears in the Contra Costa Times and the Oakland Tribune.

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Maybe this is where we are now.

All sorts of things are happening, and they don’t all look like the things we always see.

Laverne told Katie not to talk to us like that, and was heard.

Then she brought the house down.

And CeCe got out.

And Janet has a new book.

But, as always, some douchebag did some stupid shit, and as always Antonia was there to put her foot down.

It would be really easy to think right now that the popular media spokespeople of the trans community have always been brilliant trans women of color. Even if our leaders have always been (even when they didn’t have the power or the press) Miss Major or Mama Sylvia were never sitting down to have a talk with some nice lady on a TV couch. That job was always reserved for middle class white ladies with fancy educations and never so much as a whiff of “the street”.

This is all in the past 3 weeks!

Something slipped a little and moved forward. That’s not an everyday thing.

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I did another thing

Another article on the Liberal Gun Club with more pictures of me making funny faces.

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Win a Finn

$25 donations get you a chance to win a Finnish M39 Mosin Nagant. C’mon. You know you want it.

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And all the bells are rolling out for you

We have lost the folk singer of my folk.

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My Grandmother’s Ghost

Or something like that. My grandmother and my mother kept things like flour and sugar in jars. I do the same. My sugar jar has a scoop in it that was in my grandmother’s sugar jar.

I have a little cabinet next to the stove that has shelves made from old fruit boxes and an ill-fitted door. The top of the cabinet is open and it admits light from the scullery on the other side of the wall.

I was making coffee early this morning and saw this:ghostsAlthough, honestly, if my grandmother were to appear from the beyond, it would be as a distinct blackness somewhere well-lit.

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