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My Brush With Greatness

Last night, Iggy Pop dove off the stage and landed on my head, bending my glasses.

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A Proposal?

Girlfriend and I watched both Tombstone and Kevin Costner’s Wyatt Earp in the past few nights. This morning we were discussing the fact that someone should make a movie centered around the adventures of Doc Holiday. We were thinking that … Continue reading

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Panning for Gold

Cross posted at Body Impolitic I’m starting work on a new project and I plan to share some of my process here form time to time. I expect this project to take a while, maybe a year but I’m just … Continue reading

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Poly Styrene

Some people think little girls should be seen and not heard but… The screeching unpolished voice that danced with the sour saxophone. A friend I never met. There seemed to be traces, for a moment, of a horribly transphobic feminist … Continue reading

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American queer art censorship: what’s up

Cross posted at Body Impolitic and Feminine Moments I have been invited by Birthe Havmoeller to write a brief explanation of the cultural issues at play in the recent controversy over the Hide/Seek show at the National Portrait Gallery in … Continue reading

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