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So I did this thing

The title still of me looks terrible, or funny, or something. Still, it went pretty well. Full bios and stuff here.

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The Left and the Impulse to be Anti-Gun

So, I wrote the following on a gun forum composed of liberal gun owners. I think some others might read it here who would appreciate it. It is written to other gun people, but I think those who read it … Continue reading

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I’m grumpy and impatient with everything. It’s my period; my ten day waiting period. Such a great joke with such a tiny audience.

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A Mechanical Moment

I’ve recently been lucky enough to come in to possession of a couple of guns I’ve been coveting for a long time. They are the 1897 Winchester shotgun and the 1896 Krag-Jorgensen. My Krag is actually an 1898 model, but … Continue reading

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Low Tech Elegance

I have just learned about a beautiful low tech solution to measuring the hardness of a lead alloy. It is the pencil test. Many folks cast their own bullets from lead scrap. As you can imagine, folks search where they … Continue reading

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I’m in love with these bullets!

About a year ago, I got myself a revolver. I’ve been shooting rifles for a good while and figured it would be fun and challenging to try to get reasonably good at handgun shooting. Mostly, that takes lots of practice. … Continue reading

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I’ve always got a few irons in the fire. I’ll be posting dribs and drabs on things as they progress. The following is a list of the gun projects currently in the works and their status and plans. 1) Winchester … Continue reading

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I like ‘em old and dead

Gun writers. They’re much better that way. At least they’re emotionally simpler for me. There are famous old writers and experimenters in the firearms field who are almost universally revered. They’re my favorites, but not always for the same reasons … Continue reading

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