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I wrote a letter

Dear President Obama, I read today of Canadian Immigration Minister Chris Alexander making a statement that Russian LGBT applicants for refugee status would be looked on with favor. I am writing to ask that the United States of America adopt … Continue reading

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Sign the fucking petition!

Grant LGBT Russians Automatic Refugee Status in the United States. In recent weeks, the Russian government has enacted legislation that has made homosexuality effectively illegal – and punishable by significant fines and/or jail time. Russian Neo-Nazis, Militias and Gangs are … Continue reading

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So I did this thing

The title still of me looks terrible, or funny, or something. Still, it went pretty well. Full bios and stuff here.

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How far?

It’s the Fourth of July. I love fireworks, but I live in a part of the country where the fireworks suck. It’s geography I think. They’re always too damn far away. In the kind of old cities I grew up … Continue reading

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Reblog: 10 OPD officers watch a WOC bleed out, do nothing to help

Reposted without comment from Boys.Burritos.Bombs. I watched 10 Oakland Police officers watch a woman of color and mother of two bleed out this morning. I watched them watch her die. She was my neighbor. Her name was Maria. About two … Continue reading

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The Left and the Impulse to be Anti-Gun

So, I wrote the following on a gun forum composed of liberal gun owners. I think some others might read it here who would appreciate it. It is written to other gun people, but I think those who read it … Continue reading

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Breakup Announcement!

That’s it! I’m a little heartbroken, but I’ll get over it. I’m dumping my boyfriend, Feminist Ryan Gosling. I was completely head-over-heels, but then I discovered that he’s a patronizing weasel. My people are not a badge of political coolness … Continue reading

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I’m a Romantic

I can’t help it. I have ideas about how the world should be. I have ideas about how people should be with each other. Sometimes I’m self-indulgently nostalgic for the present. Are there any two words sweeter than General Strike?

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The Fourth of July

I love the fourth of July. I’m conflicted about parts of it, but uncomplicated relationships are for uncomplicated minds. I loathe the standard fare patriotism and invented right wing history that this date invokes, but the negatives associated with this … Continue reading

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