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What I said at Girl Talk

Cross posted at Body Impolitic note: If I promised you that I’d have this up last week, I’m sorry. You know who you are. I’m going to start by telling a story about someone telling a story about something someone … Continue reading

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American queer art censorship: what’s up

Cross posted at Body Impolitic and Feminine Moments I have been invited by Birthe Havmoeller to write a brief explanation of the cultural issues at play in the recent controversy over the Hide/Seek show at the National Portrait Gallery in … Continue reading

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They’re coming for us… again.

You may or may not remember the NEA fights of 20 years ago. I do. Conservatives were able to damage arts funding in this country so badly that we still have not recovered. It took years before mainstream gallery spaces … Continue reading

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The hard time of the year

I’m not analyzing stats, but it seems that the really interesting and thoughtful queer (if you think that doesn’t include trans, we can fight about it later, it does) writing on the interwebs slows way down. It seems to go … Continue reading

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FYI – my girlfriend is an artist. GF: I’m going to make a painting of you. Me: OK, make my boobs a little bigger? GF: I wanna paint you with a halo, and use my pee to paint the yellow … Continue reading

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It might get better. It might not.

I’ve seen some critiques of Dan Savage’s It Gets Better project. Most of them center around the fact that it often does not get better. This is especially true for trans folk. Defenses have been made that emphasize the project’s … Continue reading

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