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I’m not the one off the track

Your writing And Your writing And Us three witches And Your writing And I can’t ask And you’re not telling And It doesn’t skip And I’m out of breath And I might throw up And

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Reblog: 10 OPD officers watch a WOC bleed out, do nothing to help

Reposted without comment from Boys.Burritos.Bombs. I watched 10 Oakland Police officers watch a woman of color and mother of two bleed out this morning. I watched them watch her die. She was my neighbor. Her name was Maria. About two … Continue reading

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Poly Styrene

Some people think little girls should be seen and not heard but… The screeching unpolished voice that danced with the sour saxophone. A friend I never met. There seemed to be traces, for a moment, of a horribly transphobic feminist … Continue reading

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RIP Sarah Jane Smith

Elizabeth Sladden died today. I wanted to be her when I was ten.

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The hard time of the year

I’m not analyzing stats, but it seems that the really interesting and thoughtful queer (if you think that doesn’t include trans, we can fight about it later, it does) writing on the interwebs slows way down. It seems to go … Continue reading

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I’m taking the train!

Cross posted at Body Impolitic The TSA has implemented new screening procedures for airline passengers. Passengers who “opt-out” of full body scans are subject to an “enhanced patdown”. I have read accounts of these procedures that sent me in to … Continue reading

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It might get better. It might not.

I’ve seen some critiques of Dan Savage’s It Gets Better project. Most of them center around the fact that it often does not get better. This is especially true for trans folk. Defenses have been made that emphasize the project’s … Continue reading

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